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Ever feel alone? Well you are not!  We have selected our favourite influencers and game changers from around the globe to feature below.  Students, parents, professionals, teachers all blogging about the thing we care about most. Living in this world with SEN.  Please click on the links below to read more! We think you will love them as much as we do!

If you want to be featured tag #SENWorldinfluencers


She needs no introduction. Climate Change Campaigner & Neurodivergent don. We know one day people will know her as Greta!

Tiphany Adams

USA - I mean we loooove this girl. Follow Tiphany for the most motivational posts. You can even book life coaching with Tiphany and work out sessions with her.


UK - The girl with the film star smile! The gorgeous Kiss Cub & her beautiful mamma Grace. Follow this authentic blog about this miracle baby and that amazing smile!


UK - A parent on a mission. Incredible Twitter handle providing accurate advice and support to other parents and professionals navigating the UK SEND system.

Families focused

UK - Does exactly what it says on the tin! Focused - myth busting blog about all things ADHD. Quality information from someone who lives it everyday! A great read when you get a cuppa!


Northern Ireland : This adorable duo is one to follow. Mum is Lynette CEO of her own ethical beauty business mum to a beautiful young lady with Type 1 diabetes. Follow this honest creative blog that covers changing pods to mum bods

Bruno Varacalli

Italy - proving nothing can stop you! Bruno is a doctor of Physical Education. A state police man - follow this uplifting and inspiring blog on overcoming with gioia!

The Sinead Burke

Ireland - One cannot mention inclusion and diversity without including the name of this powerhouse - Sinead Burke. Awesome blog including her travels, #tedtalks and general tongue in cheek advice for those who live in ignorance.

The Plight of the Send Parent

We love this blog - written by a mother of 6 children all with SEND. UK - A matter of fact, intelligent perspective on ADHD, special needs and the curious course of getting assistance in the UK


Malaysia / UK - Yaaseen Edoo has been overcoming all difficulties easily. He has inspired many youngsters with his successful story. Again, this young man is all set to conquer the world. He is the first ever winner of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award. Yaaseen Edoo is causing a lot of in admiration with his achievements. Who could believe that Yaaseen, who did not attend primary school, was the first winner of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

Differently Wired

UK - Dyslexia & Dyspraxia blog literally brimming with tons of practical advice and strategies. Great for young adults and adults!


Beautiful, fearless and simply awesome follow Clara's fashion & travels on her blog and Instagram.

Diary of Disabled Person

Sassy on wheels of steel. We love Emma's outspoken and to the point blogs and tweets (E)

Autism Dad

Award winning blog written from a father's perspective. Rob has three boys with autism

Deafinitely Girly

Deafinitely Girly is superbly written. In fact we think this young lady should be a writer! A D/deaf young woman's diary of life.

Spectrum mum

Netherlands - Fabulously gritty & uplifting blog by a 'spectrum mum' and teacher based in the Netherlands

Zachary Fenell

Zachary Fenell - the Cerebral Palsy Vigilante Online home for Zachary Fenell, author, public speaker, and all around cerebral palsy advocate!

Deafie Blogger

Awesome blog with tips on cooking to becoming an online blogger and writer

Living with Cerebral Palsy

We loove the order on this blog! So many sections to explore. Blog by Susie who has cerebral palsy and how this affected her at school and outside it.


This blog is phenomenal - written by a parent and professional. Great advice, resources, love and laughs!

Mark Deaf McQuire

Inclusive Social Blogger Extraordinaire

The Student's Mind

Fantastic blog written by numerous students who have suffered from Mental Health issues.

Raising Harry

Awesome blog by mum about raising Harry diagnosed with Downs Syndrome and Klinefelters Syndrome

The Studying With Dyslexia Blog Version 2 (2)

Great blog full of resources for teachers, students & parents.




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