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This is a laminated A4 chart which helps your child, young person or adult to acknowledge and explore their behaviour and to help you warn and explain their positive as well as poor behaviour. It also gives you both an opportunity to explore what is happening to cause the behaviour as well as explore how they feel. They or you can place the warning card to the level of warnings they are at, thus indicating just how many warning they have had and how many before a sanction is implemented, (even if they are non verbal they will be able to recognise and understand this, especially the more it is used). It will help a child or adult to recognise and make positive choices and changes for themselves and to reinforce that others can be asked for help. The chart will help the person using it and their carers to take more control of their lives and make independent decisions concerning their behaviour and emotions.

We also do many other behaviour aids which can be used alongside this one. Please see our other items. We also do many more aids to help with feelings and emotions.

The chart is great for use at home and at nursery, school, care setting, hospital and many other places. The charts are easily understood by the person and they will learn them quickly.

The chart will help all children, young people and adults who have autism, special needs, learning difficulties and memory loss. It is also ideal as an Early Learning Aid. The chart is laminated to protect it and can be wiped clean.

Visual Behaviour Charts

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