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NEU estimates of £1.2 billion has been lost by children with SEND in UK

April 23, 2019

The National Education Union has completed research which suggests that there has been an under-spend of approximately £1.2 billion on children with SEND.  This is directly due to the government's inability to keep up with the rising demands in terms of numbers and underestimating their own supply.  However at SEN World we have an additional viewpoint. We believe it is directly related to failed commissioning practices, at a local level in government and front line cuts in special needs support and mainstream teaching which is contributing to the overspend and under spend on the most vulnerable children in UK.  Another challenge is the use of the narrative around 'inclusion', few professionals and parents utilise the word or apply the word correctly - which adds to the group think around the problems. 

Another viewpoint from SEN World is the challenge around the neurotypical understanding of inclusive environments. A school is not always failing if they can not accommodate all learners of all abilities.  This is often seen as failure. Which is not entirely correct. Many children SEN World have been part of the journey with thrive in the correct environments, Some mainstream environments are not the right environment, We feel strongly regarding forcing a neurotypical viewpoint on  on neuro diverse children and adults is disregarding their needs.  Which directly impacts the adequate and efficient use of funding.  Long term this has contributed to the crisis we have today in the UK.





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