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August 9, 2018

An airport in Northern Ireland has been reported to have refused to allow a disabled man to transport his wheelchair repair kit, as it was deemed a 'security risk'.  Steve Smithers was travelling with his partner to see his ill father when the airport refused to allow him to transport his repair kit. The result being he missed his flight.   Mr Smith who broke his back in a tragic accident commented:

“When I booked this trip, all I wanted to do was to get to see my seriously ill father. I have travelled extensively over the 11 years I have been paralysed and there have never been any problems preventing me from doing so independently.”

He said he had no choice but to miss his flight. “For disabled people it is not about asking for special treatment but simply wanting the opportunity to live life as unimpaired by our disabilities as is possible, and to be allowed to do so with dignity,” 


The airport offered an apology and compensation but at request of Mr Smith and his wife this was given to a disability charity. 


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