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Kyoukai No Kanata Light Novel Pdf Download palacahi




 The series began serialization in the monthly light novel magazine Monthly Comic Alive in 2011 and has been published in seven volumes. A manga adaptation by Midori Shinzaki has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace magazine from June to December 2013. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by TNK produced by Studio TROY aired on Japan's TV Tokyo and other networks from July to December 2016. Story The story follows an investigative reporter who arrives in the fictitious futuristic city of Roppongi in an attempt to discover the truth behind the death of an acquaintance. The protagonist is a young man who wishes to become an investigative reporter to earn money, while at the same time wanting to help others. Characters Main characters The protagonist, a twenty-six-year-old police detective who is cheerful and positive. He is a rookie police officer who dreams of becoming an investigative reporter, and wants to solve any cases that come his way. The female detective, who wants to become an investigative reporter after seeing that Shinichi is doing what he really wants to do. While she does not trust Shinichi, she is kind-hearted and helpful to him. She often goes into details that Shinichi may not want to know, but it is for his own good. The manager of the paranormal club, who uses his ghost hunting experience to investigate supernatural cases. He is a confident person who always gives the others credit for their hard work. He believes that ghosts exist, and he tries to prove it using his skills. A hard-working, diligent, and kind-hearted reporter for the police force. She is cute, and possesses a strong love for her work, but also possesses a pessimistic and somewhat dark personality. She is a rookie reporter who dreams of becoming an investigative reporter in order to give a better life to the people of this town. While she is passionate, she is actually quite shy around others and often relies on Shinichi's help. One of the four main characters of the story, who was involved in the case the protagonist investigated. He is a criminal with a very humorous personality, but can get very violent if provoked. Supporting characters A friend of Shinichi who is an aspiring actor. He is very talkative and is always making trouble for the main characters. A student at Amagi Junior High who is friends with Naru. She is a strong-willed girl, and was kind to Shinichi in the past.



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