Our Story

The goal of SEN World is to improve the lives of our special children. We are UK trained special needs professionals.  

SEN World was started by the UK's leading special education expert.  A former Special Needs Group Director and Head Teacher.

Our vision;

  • To give parents access to experts without the exhaustive searching and disrupt an unethical model, where wealth determines access.

  • To connect a body of professionals who all work together for benefit of children and adults with special needs and disability.

  • To give users with special needs & disability a place to share their work, written and commercial. 

  • To remove the stigma attached to SEND

Our professionals have worked with international governments, local & state public bodies, education, clinical professionals, social care staff, parents and of course students.  This includes the public & private setting, mainstream & specialist settings.  We believe education is a cornerstone to progression in life. Offering choice and significantly raising QoL.

SEN World has worked with families and trained professionals from 35 different countries to date..

SEN World is passionate about developing strategic partnerships, to work together to produce long term change for the future of individuals with special needs. If you believe you have the right approach and would like to be part of our collective community, contact us today.

Life is stressful enough, we like to keep it simple at SEN World.





Parents and professionals from 97 countries worldwide have benefited from our free resources and items on our website


We have trained Education Professionals from 37 countries worldwide


Specialists from 7 different countries have signed up to our online clinic.  Giving vulnerable children access to experts.



Visitors to our blog from 416 cities worldwide



We currently complete advisory in 5 countries worldwide 


Thousands of families have been positively impacted by our consultancy, mediation and advocacy 

Giving back

10% of all monies received by SEN World is given to charities that support underprivileged & disadvantaged children worldwide

All charities are registered with The Charity Commission in the UK

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