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Say hello to Hugge.


Backed by science, constructed from the finest quality materials and made by experienced artisans in the UK – welcome to a new level of relaxation.


Hugge blankets gently distribute deep touch pressure across your body encouraging deeper sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.


PROFESSIONALLY MADE IN THE UK – Guaranteed quality and guaranteed safety.   All our products are designed and made in the UK using premium European and British materials.  

Other blankets are imported from China exposing you, your family, and your pets to the risk of pesticides, toxic dye, harmful chemicals, neurotoxins and even nerve agents in the fabric as well as phthalates, formaldehydes and carcinogenic and neurotoxic substances in the filling pellets and even exposure to pests and fumes during the importation process.


WASHABLE – All Hugge blankets are washable.  We recommend washing at 40° and air drying instead of tumble drying.


OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED FABRIC – Hugge blankets are constructed from high quality 310gsm German Cotton which is soft, durable, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic.  The fabric we use has attained Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification guaranteeing it is free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use.


NO WADDING / USABLE ALL YEAR ROUND – We do not use wadding or padding in our blankets, eliminating unnecessary bulk and warmth.  We realise that a weighted blanket is an investment and Hugge blankets can be used all year round with your current bedding in any season or weather.


NO DANGEROUS GLASS BEADS – We never use glass beads in our blankets.  Glass beads are not safe, suitable for constant skin contact, or certified non-toxic and are usually sourced from the industrial sandblasting industry.  These beads are tiny – similar to the size of sand – and can leak through the seams in a blanket putting you and your pets at risk. 

Instead we use HDPE poly pellets.  These pellets are food contact safe and are made of the same material you will find in milk cartons and food containers.


DURABLE & LEAK FREE – Our blankets have two rows of industrial strength stitching around every edge preventing leakage of pellets.


KIDS & ADULT SIZES – Available in two sizes:  100cm x155cm – suitable for anyone under 145cm in heght and 155cm x 200cm – for anyone above 145cm

Weighted cotton blanket - sensory autism insomnia

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