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Our high-backed special needs swing seat has been providing a supported ride to generations. It has been much copied, but never bettered.


TFH seats incorporate a pommel and a deluxe safety harness with snap buckles. TFH ropes are of the highest quality and allow full adjustment both in terms of height and rake.


Our UV resistant Seats are moulded from high-density polyethylene, a strong but soft plastic.


Our ropes are UV stabilised and long enough for 10' high frames or you can attach the seat to any two connection points using our suspension hooks.


Adult seat safety tested to 360kgs! static weight. Together with our Single frame (not included) we can swing anyone - call us if you are doubtful.

Our new deluxe harness comes as standard, it is comfortable and breathable.  


  • Deluxe harness as standard.
  • UV Resistant seat & ropes.
  • Three sizes: Child, Teenage & Adult

Swing/Suspension Frame; Seat Liner: Seat Cover and anything apart form the seat, straps and ropes -  sold separately.

When selecting a full support seat, we usually recommend getting two measurements from the end user then compare it to the sizes of seats.

The two measurements are across the widest part of their body (hips or shoulders) from side to side; and the height from their seat to the top of where support is needed (top of head, neck or shoulders).

The measurements of the seats are as follows :


Child Full Support Seat – 56cms (height of seat) x 33cms (width of seat) x 30cms (depth of seat) – approximate age range 2-7 yrs

Teenage Full Support Seat – 69cms x 43cms x 34cms – approx age range 7-teen/slim adult

Adult Full Support Seat – 81cms x 51cms x 36cms – age range adult


So, for example, if the user is near to or over 33cms in width but less than 43cms, we would recommend the Teenage Seat.

I hope this helps, but if you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Adult Full Support High-Backed Swing Seat - Adult

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